The roots of Religious life

Religion has many faces. It consists of visible differences in practisation and rituals.
Some are religious and fullfilling good deeds, others are religious and spend time on prayers.
Another way is to meditate in regular manner.

Religion for most people it starts from a point they are busy with worldy things and are not satisfied with it. they start seeking for more contentment.
Mostly a prayer is the start of a life full of religious fruits.

Prayers, as holy intentions said to the supreme power.

Prayers to start devotion
Oh Supreme Power
May i address you with high esteem
Grant me thy mercy
May i be a citizen in your Holy Kingdom

Prayer for protection
Supreme Power,
Grant me thy protection,
Grant me thy safety.
Take me into thy safe refuge
Protect me from danger and perilous events

Prayer for a mission
Respected Supreme Power
My life is meaningless
I'm searching to have a usefull life
May thy give me a mission or an assignment to fullfill

Prayer for a life without suffering
Supreme Power, subject of reverence,
May thy lead me from suffering to happiness
May thy lead me from deficiency to welfare
May thy lead me from debt to a good income
May thy lead me from poverty to prosperity
May thy grant me good health, for body and spirit
May i thank you for granting your attention to my life