Names of Powers and Devotion

All religions have a subject of devotion.
religions are the core of societal changes.
Revolution or evolution. It starts with an input that is trancending the current reality.
A world wonder, is the source for future admiration.
The hindu religion knows the veda's and representation of the god named.

A name is not more than a direction or a description of a certain power.
Most gods, and their names are not anymore visible in a photo or picture.
And are painted by the artists who are devoted.

No one current day have seen christ, or krsna, but pictures are being painted.
some basically made imitating past images, some with new faces or characteristics.
But the image, is only an image. Mostly a name is remembered for its purpose.

the hindu names in short are:
Brahma - The trancending creator - source of all realities.
Vishnu - Being the support and upholds civilisation.
Shiva - The dissolution of the universe.
Atman - The living awareness of all beings.
Param Atman - Supreme Creature.
Brahman - All pervading reality.

the Source of all religions, is not a person or a body in the past.
but the ones they were devoted to.

For example a power with certain characteristics.

If you read all the things about religions but are still wondering which way to go.
Which religion to follow, what to do.
Then you might want to try, meditation, or prayer to the Supreme power or omnipotence.

If it gives relief or a purpose than be happy with it