Disciple meets palace

A story for the heart

Disciple asked for advice

This story is about a disciple of christ which wandered through forest, desert and villages.
As a disciple he was at the feet of christ when he proclaimed his wisdom.

The man Jesus whose teachings were to learn people the happiness of a faithfull life.
The disciple who was one of the adepts who was longing for the truth and wisdom that wise man
was teaching.

After the teaching was understood, Jesus sent out his disciples to teach the population
what the rightious path to heaven consisted of.

That disciple was travelling through a kingdom full of the good things of life.
But the king, eager to learn asked the disciple how to create happiness in his life.

The disciple said, build a palace for yourself, and experience the luxery.
The king said: I already have a palace and it gives me no happiness and good feelings.

The disciple said, let me build you a palace, which will be your happiness.
the king agreed.

The disciple received the money a good palace would cost.
But instead of hiring all kinds on constructionworkers he
walked to the poor side of one of the villages and gave each man and woman in poverty money.
Then he went to every poor village-edge in the kingdom and spread the money to
give all the poor a good day and a good meal.

After he visited every village he went to countries outside the border and did the same.
When the money was depleted he returned to the king, and said.
Your palace has been built. You will be able to live in it.

The king said, Where is my palace, i cannot see it, i can't live in it.
And the disciple said. It is here, in every village,
It is there every poor man is part of it.

The king said: Rare is this man, he built me a palace which i cannot see.
Rare is this palace for it is not built by rock and wood.
v The disciple said, the real palace is in the hearts of those yo do well.
The real palace is the people you have helped in the bad times of life.

The king said, May this wisdom be told in the future as a special story.
Because i have not seen such wisdom in life before.