A message about Jesus Christ

Jesus as the sheppard of his followers.
He lived two thousand years ago, and saved many.

When people realize they cannot live anymore by their own power,
they search for a way to give life a good value back.

Jesus, as the subject of the bible, teaches his methods on how to live.
And most important he gives himself as the method to be saved.

If you read the bible a couple of lessons are shown.
First of all, to treat others as you would want to be treated.

Second the ten commandments are as rules to get more happy and content with your life.

As i have read in a story of a christian man, someone who was
a professional christian caretaker,
in his young years he made a journey to a far country,
and he met a disaster, someone robbed him his money and identity papers.
So he lived at the poor side of society,
untill he asked in prayer to christ to save him and bring him back to
his home.

Shortly after he was seen by an old friend who lend him money to travel home.
If you are sober you could say its a coincidence, but if you
are the subject in a bad period of your life,
you take every chance to get better or get saved.

This little story is a core of how Jesus can help.
Not only by saving you from poverty but also
if you have disease, poverty, hardship, addiction.
Jesus can help you, even after the two thousand years he lived.

Another story is:
when in doubt over what to do in the future and what way to go,
As wanting something else.
In prayer asking to give a step to education, asking for good results.
After a couple of months, a good grade in the beginning of a study.

Suddenly it was the source to wonder, and asking to let prayer decide
what way to go in life.
Not anymore the wanted it study, but a direction to
a humble approach in religion.

The source of this website is the interest in religion,
and reading books and watching documentaries.

A life of value starts with asking yourself what life you want.
And the question, what is important in life.
What is durable and what has meaning for human kind.

Christian followers, reading the bible, have their favorite passages.
Some call psalm 23 their favorite,
Some the sermon on the mountain.

And as many as their are christians,
as many good experience can be part of life.

A short message is:
Ask Jesus Christ in prayer what he can do for you.
Or to save you or give you a better life.
provided that you want to accept the changes he makes in your life.