Jesus Christ saviour

Jesus Christ, in these days still a wonder creating wonders in personal lives.
A couple of thousands years ago he was the paraclete saving people from death and damage.
He brought a good life in many lives. As he used his supernational power to
save and resque.
And most of all in his writing as his disciples left on earth, he describes wonders,
Not possible today.

If you life is broken, full of suffering, full of hardship.
According to the books writing about him he is able to also save your life.

Beginning to pray for the things you like.
As praying to one of the trinity Jesus, God, Holy Ghost.

Jesus Christ, as object of worship is used by many on this planet.
And already for a long time.

If you think you failed in life, or not happy living.
Give your heart to Him.

If you wonder if this whole faith-stuff is real.
Ask that source of faith to proof to you its real.
then you don't have false feelings or beliefs that are not proof of what it might mean in your own life.

Some christians say, first read the bible as a holy writing to get a view on what faith means.
The only proof of a religion is to investigate its source, and its folowwers.

Jesus promises that when you give your life to Him,
he makes it whole again, and to a good profit for the whole world.
And that sin no longer rule your life.
And above all, he promises in his message that you attain a place in heaven.
And when you take part in this faith, friends will appear in your life.