Pure Food creates Happiness

In hindu religion,
there are groups of religious practitioners who say it is important
for your health to have a healthy way of life.

Part of it is food, Part of it is drink.
But also the things you do. And the time to sleep.

Food is for some vegan, for some vegetarian,
others use the act of using herbs to create medical food.

To drink pure water, is to help you body cleanse.
And to help getting pure thoughts.

When you eat healthy is to eat fruit, fresh from the tree or plant.
To eat vegetables, fresh from the land.
Or as fresh as possible.

To eat and drink fresh creates in your body a natural feeling of agreeableness
And a feeling of being full of energy, ready to do whatever is needed
to have a normal living.

The theory of fresh food, has its basis in satvika, tamasic and other kinds of food.
As described in several hindu teachings.

The use of fresh healthy food is the basis for a long happy life.