Zen a sixt century story.

There was a man in the sixt century,
He was searching for a better position in life.
As he had a little house on the edge of the village
he daily went to the forest to cut some trees.
He carried them home and cut them into little pieces.

The wood he brought to the village and provided for every habitant
the possibility to have a fire to keep warm and to
make dinner.

This man then met a wise man which was wandering through the forest.
And the lumberjacker said how can i get more happy in life.

And the wise man said what do you do in a day.
And the lumberjacker said, i cut trees and bring them to home
and give them to the villagepeople.

The wise man said,
What you do is not without purpose,
But how you do it that is important.
Sleep a night on what this means and when you
find the secret, you get happy.

The lumberjacker than went home and
was pondering this wise saying.

the next day he went to labor as every day.
And pondered, not what i do is important
but how i do it.

Slowly in the time that followed he thought.
If i do everything with full awareness,
May it be the wisdom the man told me.

And by growing his awareness the mishap left his life.
And he realized, as a lumberjacker i provide for happiness
by selling wood to the villagepeople.
And as a lumberjacker doing everything with attention,
i provide for happiness in my own self.

Because happiness is created with every moment you are aware of reality.
So both outward and inward i possess happiness.

This story is a changed buddhistwriting.