How to create awareness

Buddhist teachings alltime wisdom, provoke the action
of meditation.

Meditation, is explained in many books but only the practise of it
bears the fruits.

The opposite of meditation is to be immersed in the dream state of your life.
Dreaming while being awake.
Dreaming is seeing all sorts of pictures and movies in front of your eyes.
Dreaming as being characterized being able to fly, to magically influence,
to see what you really want to do in front of you.

The dream state of your wakefull life is perceiving what is not real.
It is seeing the picture in front of you, as if you are the creator.
You create movies. movies of pleasant and nice thins.

But the backslash of this dreaming is that unwanted things appear as
the other side of the balance.
If your life has accidents, this dreaming starts to go around these happenings.

The opposite of meditation, is the cause of suffering.
On the one hand, you see different things than real which gives the wish for
experiencing the nice and pleasant things you see in the dreaming.
This difference is called the suffering. Life does not give what is dreamt of or wanted
but what reality holds for you

The opposite of dreaming is
to be aware of yor reality.
To be present in the moment.
To look between the thoughts.
To follow your breath as you inhale and exhale.

is like living day to day,
And daily see and observe what you do.
Without being distracted, without seeing anything other than reality.

It is saith that each sage had practised meditation
to find the fountain of wisdom.
It is saith that each ancient one had practised meditation
to grow science and virtues to aid society.