Intention to Buddha awareness


Buddha lived several thousands years ago.
He was in his time the revered sage that teached to the many
the ways to get happy in life and to reduce the suffering.

His first lesson was that each human has the practice of
getting self-aware.
Self awareness being the act of observing reality without being
distracted by thoughts, fantasies, depresses and daydreaming.

His second lesson was that suffering is a main characteristic of human life
and that healing the suffering should be a main projective.

He teached that by meditation the goal of life is met.
Meditation can be accomplished and practiced in several ways.

To one person he said, train the use of your breath to follow the reality as you observe it.
To the second he said, look at nature, the flowers, the earth, the water, meditate on its appearance.
To a third one he said, create a bonfire and look how unpredictable the flames are.

A fourth one he said, use the meditation to act the gymnastics, and win the contest.
A fifth one he said, start living as if your last day is present, and the fifth one started
to do the most important in his life.

The novice is each day after day practising meditation, as if the day before did not exist.

Buddha, who lived on earth, and started teaching meditation.
May mediation be understood by those who suffer and want an end to the suffering.