Lesson about Grace

Support of a good devoted life

Every religion has its means to give life the glance of goodness.
When a religion fails in its purpose to give meaning to life,
people resort to other religions.

As this website is about hindu guru information.
a good website describes the use of prayers to heal or change life.

In hindu religion; every subdivision uses its own prayers,
with its own god or power to pray for.

This Hindu religion knows gods or powers such as:
Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, Shiva the solution.

Besides these three gods, there are a couple which might help giving a good life.

Such as Dhanvantri who can heal the body, can heal a person.
Another one for the health and wellbeing is Hanuman.

Sometimes a devotee has the wish to get rich, or have an income to spend.
As some holy writings in hindu gives as the instrument of prayer.

A prayer to Visnhu, or goddess of wealth Laksmi can surely help
making the chance to get rich more reachable.

The hindu powers who help and support life.
Even for those non believing.

The act of prayers as a most precious gift.
A gift that turns our life to happiness.
Which helps our life purpose to become clear.

May the Supreme power endow its grace unto us.
As we live in reverence to this supreme being.

Every Hindu power has a special theme for which it gives blessing.
Praying to Dhanvantri or Hanuman can give health and cure from diseases.

For persons wishing for a relationship could
pray to Sthri Vasiya. Which puts on the path of life a good lifepartner.

The religion of Hinduism is a large system of powers and rituals to
enrich life, and to make your life a good and happy one.

As when devoted to godheads of hinduism,
and the question how to attend them in prayer.

As in the isa-upanishad is told,
you can utter the name of a god,
every time you want to pray.

By only uttering the name of the god,
it is out of respect, as the godhead
for himself decides why you pray,
and how he intervene in living.

As you only use then name as the prayer,
you prevent also selfish wishes that
would limit the power of prayer.

So only use a godname like Krsna
as when you feel the need to pray.

As with most godheads of hinduism,
it is regarded as good karma
when in prayer a lot of time.