Karma the divine instrument

Deserve the devotion

Religion is the act to give the holy a radiance in your life.
This can be by prayer, by rituals, by sacrifice.

Religion; some have writings of great value others are forgotten.
Religions are in possesion of rituals giving boons or special favours.

In india the instrument of karma gives the thousands the intention
to live pure and in good wishes.

The act of karma is that what you cause you deserve.
If you do vice or criminal things; it will have a backlash,
either in this life or in the next.

The act of karma is when you have compassion,
it will be settled now, or in the future.

In Hinduism they believe that when you act with good intentions.
Helping people, society or the universe,
you slowly build karma.
And Karma can be the source to get into contact with gods. Hindu Powers.
If you have enough karma; you learn the presence of the Creator, Supreme powers

Karma is in youth of pure nature.
When a child is put on the road of religion,
it is pure and has the possible chance to have a good position.
This because children are mostly innocent and uninhibited.

To learn children to be good and follow wisdom is a priority,
if you yourself want to live a devoted life.

Other religion on this world; christianity, buddhism
propogate the favro without needance of merit to access it.

Christian believers get their faith without havign to deserve it.

Karma when a person is pure has access to religion.
The act of prayer to the supreme power.
And the wisdom to live on the good side of life.

In himduism karma has to be earned,
and all acces to good things has to be earned to.
A guideway to a religious life may not be forbidden
and ought to be open to all people with the karma having its rights
As a way to be pure it is not a visible requisite to comply to rules invented by
persons not being in the favor of the supreme being.

If someone has reverence towards religion.
It cannot be a forbidden thing to be devoted to religion.

Religious laws are applicable to people despising religions.
Everyone devoted to a religions do speak
with esteem and respect to and aboutthe gods and powers part
of that religion.

Some holy writings describe that to get a boon from a power in hinduism,
a long period of austeriy was needed.
Thsi gives a glance on the merit someone must get to may come near to powers or gods
and earn a boon.