what is important

in peace or war, in hardship or peace

Sometimes people say that a choice in life is always easy.
Just follow the mainstream, or the group policy.

In peace times, doing harmless things are easily done.
But when there is war like second world war.

The germans where not doing what is right according to wordly rules.
But why did they do what they did. they followed a group policy.
And did not ponder if it was the right thing to do.

When a certain human has a choice there are several intentions to use.
The group policy.
The family-importance.
religious sacrifice

when a member of your family is in danger, being under attack, being bullied.
The first importance is with him or her.
This transcends the question for right or wrong, good or bad.
Because the member of your family is emotionally bound to you,
you will support, help him or her.
helping your family is not a question of morality.

religious sacrifice, has the only reason of good and bad.
A religion describes what is good or bad.
for example; converting humans abroad to christianty, can be good.

pattriotism is not about good or bad, not about family members.
But it has the question of right and wrong.
In a war not being member of the resistance is wrong.
Looking back after a war; when you were part of the enemy they say you were wrong.

Group policy. has the imposing rule that when you want to be part of a group,
you have to follow its rules, or conditions.
The leaders of the group are respected by all members,
but are not always true. when violent things are demanded, the members
not always dare to question them.