Pillars of Life

We all have the experience of our own body, spirit and soul.
We have feelings. the most obvious feelings are pain, desire and happiness.
Feelings being part of our life, everyday we eat when we are hungry.
Everyday we sleep at the end because we get sleepy.

If we walk outside in the cold, you get chilly.
If you see a friend you feel happy at communicating.
If you see an enemy you get scared or plan to defend yourself.

The experience of a living being, is a mutual understanding of what we feel, who we are.

As a human being, we all share emotions with the same cause of actions or situations.
The humanity, we all have experience in the form of consciousness and awareness.

We have feelings of fear, joy, anger and sadness.

The first pillar is we have consciousness and awareness.
A symbol of resemblance we share with humans, with animals, all moving creatures.

The second pillar is we share with all living beings the experience of emotions.
We flee from danger, we seek food, we change our environment.
This pillar is that all creatures we seen, we see moving are filled with emotions.
Thus all creatures are capable of pain, suffering, joy and happiness.

The third pillar is that all creatures seek significance
Every human, from the birth to the grave,
we seek to be different, to add value to life.
To have a role in our existence to add what we want to life.

Every human, searches with an unknown question, to an answer which
makes us happy. A life-quest for glory.
The third pillar is the quest for happiness.
With a direction changing by every step, giving visiblity at every day.

The fourth pillar is
Every creature seeks compassion.
Your friend wants to be treated friendly,
Your children want to be understood.
You boss wants you to respect him and work for him.

The fourth pillar is that all life wants to be understood, respected.
By the intention of compassion, you slowly work to
give good intentions to the world, thus creating good radiations.

In war compassion creates allies.
In fights it is the source of a truce.

But may the instrument of compassion be used wisely.
It is of no use to loose life for an act of compassion.
Where compassion can be the goal of a whole life.