An Introduction to Inquiry

An introduction to eastern philosophy.
Great people of the past like maharsi, sankara, ramanuya and others.
They all began doubting the life of the normal people.
The wishes of normal life are gatting a lifepartner,
getting a job, earning more and more money.
Or striving for fame and glory.

They saw that life was not satisfying anymore.
Life was not giving the happiness they wanted.
A start of it is to search for lasting happiness.
First by looking if there are sources in literature or traditions.
Philosphy and religion.

A true source of happiness is promised in several religions,
And several philosophical scriptures.

The first question you encounter is.
Who am I. What is this life.
What is eternal wisdom.

You learn that the mind is not part of your true nature, but an instrument.

You learn that grasping the fruits of life is partly causing your suffering.

When you learn about the mind which causes the distress you start to meditate.

When the question of life is in your heart to look for an answer.
You learn step by step a new life.
You give up your old way of life.
You give up the wish to be rich, to be famous, to search for pleasantries.

There are a couple of ways to choose from.
One is the hindu way, second is the Christian way, and other ways.

The question of life; giving you a reason to start reducing your karma by one of the three yoga's
Karma yoga; sharing your wealth with the poor,
Bhakti yoga; devotion to the gods and godesses,
Jnana yoga; reducing the work of your mind and leaving it unattended and unused.

Inquiry. As a way of life.

As the christian way; It starts with reading the bible,
learning its faith. Praying to one of the trinity.
Searching a way to become happy in life, or to give meaning to it.