The gem of the veda's

The veda's are the old scriptures which are a remnant of a wealthy healthy civilisation.
A civilisation even characterised by the advanced science we not yet have.

The veda's consist of four ways of scripures.
One being the devotion of the brahmins. They know brahman as the source of life.
And as the purpose of religious acts.
The second being the philosophical scriptures about how to live life.
Following guidelines to remove the mind, to follow proverbs giving peace of mind.

The third being a compendium of health regulations, giving cure to diseases.

The fourth is a secret part not known by normal people. sometimes its called
a scripture for those who are pure of heart and devoted with full life to that sacred unnamed source.

A couple of guidelines are ofcourse partly through other religions as well.
Know the ten commandments of christial life be in other words also throuhg hinduism.

The gods known to vedic life are the trinity Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva.
The reincarnations of these gods are known by scriptures that handle their life.
Like krsna in the bagvad gita. Like sankara in the philosphical system.
Recent reincarnations like maharishi, gandhi, among others.

guidelines not to take what belongs to others.
Not to desire things that not are part of your natural life.
To name the gods at every wish you have.

Make the reality as one form, and one sound.

Reading holy scriptures is part of the hinduistic enquiry of the devotion.

A couple of guidelines are:
Realize that you not the actor in life.
Thus observing everything, but not letting anything undone.

Make seer,seen, being seen all to one.
surrender to the sacred source.

higher forces exist. The essences of gods.
The Param Atman, Brahman. As source of the holy scriptures.

prayer to good powers give life meaning and happinesss.

A quest for life is the question: Who am i.
The question which gives at its answer; that brahman is the i.
That param Atman is the I.
That I is equal to Reality.