The gem of the bible

The bible has a couple of really wise gems in it.
The christians mostly say that psalm 23 is their favorite.
Because it expresses that the lord, the sheppard is their true refuge.
The lord who gives them peace and protects them, as they are part of his supernational flock.
Compared to animals it is the idea that you are a sheep, and he is the owner of you.
In the psalm he promises to give you peace, food and the good things in life.
In the proverbs, prayers are called a tree of life.

To repent from an evil life and change your heart to convert to the christian doctrine is to better your life.
He promises that not your evil sins are counting for the ordeal after life but the promise of him
to reduce your sin and heal your life. By which you are granted access to heaven after a life of plight after your conversion.

In the new testament there is the parable that he goes on four times on a day to ask for workers at the market.
Each time he gets workers and at the end of the day he gives them all equal rewards.
It gives the meaning that if you work for the source of christs religion on the end you all get the same reward, heaven entrance.

The religion of christ is the only that promises forgiveness of sins.
The other religions are according to their scriptures for the pure or the ones having pure devotion.

As i heard a christian person saying. If you have fallen in a ravine. Jesus is the one going under yuor feet and pushing you up to the safe place again.
And other religion telling to you that only hard work can save you.

The bible giving rules like te ten commandments to give your life a border to reach happiness.

The core of the christian religion is not that you learn philospohical systems, or train to be perfect.
But that you learn that Christ is the center of your life and that prosperity is by
asking jesus to care for you and hear your prayers.

By this devotional life you get close to the heart of christ.
The holy heart. By prayer he calls his adepts to a certain task in life. a Life task worth for the future.
For some he promises not bodily safety and health but a promise to leave a good influence for the future.
as we learn from the stories and lives of holy people of the past. the so called saints.

In the old writings as commentary to the bible:
An angel is mostly a messenger of the gospel to certain disciples.
An angel is bound to the will of the creator.
As bound to the creator, the angel cannot commit sin anymore.
And is purely acting the will of the creator.

Therefore it is given the wisdom of the old times,
Therefore it is given to knowledge of the future.
Therefore what it does is holy.
What it gives is sacred.
What is coming forth from it is the law.
What they do is never to do damage. never to destroy.
Know them as messenger of good forces, supporting our human race.

That's why in all religions these kind of messengers are special and asked for protection, mercy or gifts.
All religions recognize these messengers.

In christianity is the main purpose of life,
to see and respect Jesus Christ as your savior.
To serve him. the essence of his gospel
is that surrendering to Him gives your life a good direction.
To acknowledge that he can help, and that the act of surrender can save your life.
There are musicians that sing about it.
For example Amy Grant, singing that she Surrendered to Him.
She became a famous song-artist.
When you start searching for evidence what this religion is worth.
You find people with faith, who can show or talk about their personal quest for happiness.
And the act of finding it, in a religion like Christianity.

The most effective life in faith of Jesus Christ, is to surrender to Him.
You give your life to Him and devote it to living in service to Him.