Yellow Circle: Meditation

Circle of Creation

The Yellow circle is about the practise of meditation.
Meditation as a method of creating the awarenss of the place you are located.

Meditate on reality. Create awareness of your reality.
Meditation is the source of energy.
A place where energy exists and grows, war diminishes, poverty diminishes.
laws are upheld by civilians. laws are more honest and just.

Meditation creates abundance.
Everywhere where meditation takes place, a layer of calmness, a layer of tranquility spreads over the location.

Meditation, not a subject of commerce, but by honest exercise.
Meditation as a theme of gathering.

A yellow circle can be of all sizes and of all skills.
A yellow cirlce is a gathering with the purpose of meditation.

You can organize it alone, or with friends, or a expertgroup.
A circle is round, being how big or small, always effective.

The contribution to a place is a lower level of agitation.
A lower level of aggression. resulting in peace and calmness.
Not only for those who are meditating, but also everyone in that place.