White Circle: All colors

Circle of Creation

The color white, as is known holds all colors.
Because the greatest brightness is to combine all sources of light.

Some say daylight has the source to all what possible on earth.
Some say that daylight as its color is white.

All things in reality reflects the daylight and is like a message
which is written on a white surface.

The color white, attracts the being that hold all valuable.
The color white, as yellow, uses meditation.
The color white, as orange, uses prayer.
The color white, as blue, uses charity.
The color white, as green, uses nature.
White the combination gives the important knowledge of all directions
the purpose to use.

A person member of the white circle, uses all other religions, philosophies,
A person being a member is honest with the use of all directions available.

May all the gods and powers, be recognized by the source of devotion.
The gods, the powers that have good influences on us.

When groups of white circles appear in the world.
May the fate be turned to peace,
May the government be busy with caring for people.
May the commerce be to make all goods and services available again, to all consumers.
Prosperity to all, wellfare for all who wishes for it.
Demons flee from the country.
healthcare without conditions