Silver Circle

Circle of Creation

Silver is the color of money being exchanged.
Silver is the word being most important.
Silver is the metal giving best communication.
Silver is the color making invisible.
Silver is te mirror giving life.
Silver is more than words can describe.

The silver circle has the purpose of finding the highest possible.
The highest to get a society filled with peace and happiness.
The highest science to give health back to everyone.
The highest values, making laws with enduring peace.

The silver circle.
Studies all religions.
Studies all philosophies.

Assembling the unity, the authenticity.
Assembling all religions, regenerating the core and essence.

Experience from ancient sages.
Realize you are not the doer but the observer.
The highest devotion, immersing.
Making the seer,seen,seeing to one.

These and other special words.

This being made to the goal of life.
To a living wisdom, with meaning.

Silver and the act of surrender. or sacrifice.
An action being considered high.
May that action be used wisely.
Silver in the form of power is the Supreme Power.
Silver in the form of might is the Almighty.
Silver in the form strength is Omnipotence.
Silver in the form of presence is the Omnipresent.
May silver be of high value.