Orange Circle: Devotion

Circle of Creation

The color orange, and the combination with the circle,
has its roots in the religious practise.
Religion at its core is the recognition that there is a supreme lord, a supreme power.
And devotion to that holy Power is the core of its value.

The color orange, and its circle is gathered by the people wishing to be devoted to.
Devotion as the act of prayer. the act of communication with the Supreme Power or the Omnipotence.

A circle is made of a group of people gathered by the same intention.
The circle gathers people with the same act.
As a circle you use the power of prayer for your personal life,
but also in a group.
The effect of an orange group. a group of devotion, is the communication with the Holy.
Creating in a region where its practised more and more pure intentions.
And second the creation of especial things.
Think of the world wonders as being caused by prayer.
The devotees of religion, create good intentions, also in those who do not pray for themselves.
The devotees of religion, create miracles and world wonders.

An orange circle can be as big or small anyone likes.
Its effect is not by the numbers but by the intentions.
As prayer is the deed being practised, its core-effect is creating
a place in society with more good intentions, and special miracles.