What to know, what it is

Introduction to the Circles

The system of circles is a way of living and sharing a corresponding interest.
With circles of different colors, it is easy to see which value or which direction
of devotion is being practised.

A circle is a group, from two to more members, with a main topic as speech topic.
a circle may gather wherever they want, and it may have the form of whatever can be possible.
As a circle is both a group which gathers around a subject, it is also all the groups of that topic combined.

The circlecolors are the different topics with a natural division.

the division in circles has its place also in other religions,
Christians have a name for it, hindu's also.

It is not a freedom to break the law, religion is subject to rightious laws. For example laws created in a democratic way

It is the freedom of every circle to choose a name they want,

and to appoint someone to lead it, or to support it in administrative or other ways.