Green Circle: Gaia / Earth

Circle of Creation

The green circle; green as the color of the earth.
The green color of crops and water.

A person dedicated to the earth, learns of all herbs and plants.
A person dedicated to the earth, knows which herbs to use at which diseases.

When the wisdom of the earth is respected, she is called Gaia.
When the wisdom of the earth is seen and known it is called wisdom of the godess.

When her being is being esteemed, when you respect her for the influence in life.
She gives signs of peace.

As a task to serve for the intelligent earth,
all nature has its place. from wildlife to natural habitats.
raw materials keep place in earth.

It is about preserving earth, and giving her value for what she is.

A green circle is for those who love mother earth,
for those who want to be healers,
for those who want to save earth and its purity.

A group can be as small or big as feels good.
Wheter someone has at home a small natural place,
or a king created large gardens.

All is possible.
Some peoples who revere to earth,
expresses their wishes in poems and writings about the wisdom
of our homeplanet.

Some dedicated to earth, learned that using the invocations to Gaia can
reduce the mind and its suffering.

By invoking the earth some have experienced that the mindfunction disappeard,
and gave them there natural happiness back.

Those who are dedicated to earth. Nature regenerates.
Nature forms it raw materials again.
plantation becomes luscious again.
The planet becomes green, with waterwells, sealife again.
A heritage for the far future.
extinct species appear again