Blue Circle: Charity

Circle of Creation

The blue circle is about the practice of charity.
the act of filantrophy.
When there are people in poverty,
a good person could give him food, shelter, or money enabling that.
When there are people who are sick and with disease,
a good person could give them a stay in a hospital,
or medical care.
When there is war in a couple of countries, a good person,
or a group of persons can give refuge to these war-victims.

The blue circle, everyone being member uses their time and means to spend on charity and filantrophy.
The blue circle, is the source of a civilisation getting wellfare and abundance.
Because those who were poor, can add to society by labor.
Because those who were sick, are healthy and have a job.
Those who fleed from war, can add their value to society.

Those who get help, can help others in return. Adding new value to reality.
Those who get protection, can have value for society. Because what was weak, is now soft.

The blue circle is for everyone that finds charity important.
A circle can be as small or big as wanted.
Giving as rain on a fire. a smooth stay for the surrounding.

Charity is as reasonable as possible.
Its not mented to move members to poverty themselves.
Or to be rejected for healthcare themselves.